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The Holiday Property Address:
Lassénat St Georges, 32190 Justian,  Gers, France.
The Holiday Property Owners:
Hélène & Giuseppe Gentile

NAME (HIRER) : Mr/Mrs/Ms __________________________________________________

HIRER’S ADDRESS __________________________________________________________



HIRER’S EMAIL ADDRESS  ____________________________________________________

HIRER’S TEL : Day:_______________ Eve:__________________

Hire Period : 1 / 2 week (s) - delete as appropriate

Holiday Commencement Date :  Saturday ________  ________  *from 16.00 hrs

Holiday Expiry Date                   :  Saturday ________  ________ *before 10.00hrs

* Indicate the day / month / year

I reserve (circle your choice) D’ARTAGNAN - ARAMIS - ATHOS - PORTHOS

No of adults __________ No of children (please state ages) _________________________

Occupants’ names :

_________________________ _________________________

_________________________ _________________________

_________________________ _________________________

Date : _______ Exchange rate1 ______________

Hire Charge (total):

_______ £ _______

Booking Deposit : 25%:


£ _______


Security Deposit:

£ 200

(payable with balance of Hire Charge and fully refundable, given no penalties, one week after Holiday Expiry Date) due 8 weeks before the start of the holiday.

Local Taxes :
_______ £ _______ 0,40e per adult per night
Balance due : _______ £ _______ Due 8 weeks before the Holiday Commencement Date
1- Exchange rate is available on :

*I confirm that I am over 18 years of age and that I have read and fully accept each and every one of the Gîte Hire Conditions attached hereto and in particular I covenant and agree with the Holiday Property Owners that I will observe and comply with all the obligations imposed on me (Hirer) therein.
*I acknowledge that the full rental charge plus £150 security deposit is due 8 weeks before the Holiday Commencement Date.
*I enclose my 25% sterling cheque Booking Deposit payment of £_________ made out to Mr and Mrs G. Gentile.

Signed ___________________________________ Date __________________________


Lassenat St. Georges, 32190 Justian,  Gers, France


Lassénat St. Georges has four gîtes offered for holiday rental, subject to confirmation by the Property Owners.


An initial non-refundable deposit equivalent to 25% of the Hire Charge should accompany the Booking Form. The balance of the Hire Charge, plus a £150 security deposit, is payable 8 weeks prior to the Holiday Commencement Date unless the booking is made within 8 weeks of the Holiday Commencement Date when the full amount of the Hire Charge is payable. The Booking Deposit is part of the total Hire Charge. The Security Deposit will be retained against exceptional cleaning, breakage, and blockage of the waste system. Assuming no penalties have been incurred, the Security Deposit will be returned in full by post one week after the Hirer’s departure. Payments should be by sterling cheque made payable to Mr and Mrs G.Gentile. If the balance of the Hire Charge is not paid (and the cheque cleared) by 8 weeks prior to the Holiday Commencement Date the Booking Deposit will be forfeited and the gîte re-let.


Once a booking has been made and confirmed in writing by the Property Owners the Hirer is liable for payment of the Hire Charge for the Hire Period. The Hirer is advised to effect his own holiday insurance immediately the Holiday Booking is made. If the Hirer is forced to cancel a holiday booking after it has been confirmed by the Owners the Hirer must do so in writing to the Owners. The cancellation will be confirmed by the Owners who will try to off set the Hirer’s losses by re-letting the gîte(s) if possible.


A maximum of 5 people can be accommodated in D’Artagnan or Aramis, maximum 3 people in Athos and 2 people in Porthos (when rented separately) or 5 when combined. These numbers are the maximum numbers to give guests room to enjoy themselves. Pets are not accepted.

Hire periods run from Saturday 1600hrs to Saturday 1000hrs. Other hire periods are by negotiation. The Hirer has no right to occupy the gîte(s) after 1000hrs on the Holiday Expiry Date.

The Hirer will be required to use the Property only as a private residence for the purposes of a holiday. No animals of any kind (pets or strays) are permitted into the gites. The Hirer shall use the gite(s) throughout the Holiday Period in a tenant like and wholly responsible manner at all times and shall keep and preserve the furniture equipment and effects in the gite(s) in good condition and shall pay for any damage caused during the occupation. The Hirer shall use all electrical equipment and specifically the washing machine(s), television(s) in accordance with the manufacturers directions and specifically in accordance with the Holiday Owner’s instructions as found in the gite(s). Any such breakages or damage must be reported to the Owners immediately following its occurrence.

The safety and security of any infant or child (under the age of 16 years) holidaying or staying at the Lassénat St. Georges' estate remains at all times and in all places on the estate the responsibility of the responsible parents and/or guardians.

The Lassénat St. Georges' swimming pool area is specially fenced and gated in accordance with the high security standards demanded by French Law. Under French Law, the pool area gate is to be kept locked when not in use by estate residents or guests. All guests holidaying or staying at Lassénat St. Georges will be given a key to the swimming pool's security gate and are obliged to lock the gate when leaving an empty pool area.

The Booking is made on the understanding that the gite(s) will be placed at the Hirer’s disposal on the date stated. Should this not be possible through circumstances beyond the Owner's control (for example fire, theft, damage etc) the full amount of the Hire Charge will be refunded, but no further damages or compensation will be paid and the Owners shall be under no obligation to provide alternative accommodation. If there are adverse weather conditions, riot, war strikes or other matters beyond the Owner's control, the Owner's cannot be responsible for any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services to the property, garden, or swimming pool caused by these events.

The Owners reserve the right to refuse any booking without having to give any reason for such decision. The booking is personal to the Hirer and not transferable.

All the information concerning the gîte(s) and the Lassénat property whether given orally or in writing by the Owners has been given in good faith but any such representations written or oral do not form part of this contract and do not create any liability on the part of the Owners as the Hirer hereby agrees and acknowledges. The Owners are not liable for any injury sickness loss damage additional expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of the design structure use or condition of the gite(s)or the approaches equipment contents appurtenant to gite(s) plumbing electrical and gas installations water pipes drains the gardens, meadow, pond, woodland, lake, arising out of any defect therein or the damage or destruction thereof or any other cause whatsoever. Parents or guardians are fully responsible for any children under the age of sixteen (16) years in their charge on the Lassénat St. Georges property and should supervise their charges at all times especially in or near the swimming pool, meadow, pond, woodland and lake of the Lassénat property.

Updated 3rd April 2017