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D'Artagnan- Aramis - Athos - Porthos
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  • Patio in front of D'Artagnan width:470;;height:480
  • width:487;;height:480
  • width:474;;height:480
  • width:474;;height:480
  • The private patio leads into a very large terracotta tiled living room with dining area. width:469;;height:480
  • width:469;;height:480
  • The corner kitchen is fully equipped with gas oven, microwave and washing machine width:463;;height:480
  • width:469;;height:480
  • width:469;;height:480
  • Large double bedroom downstairs width:467;;height:476
  • Bathroom dowstairs width:467;;height:476
  • width:467;;height:476
  • A latticework of original beams from 1801 is a particular feature of D'Artagnan. At the top of the stairs is a minstre's gallery with private sitting area and a double bed settee. width:469;;height:480
  • width:469;;height:480
  • Mezzanine with sofa-bed . width:469;;height:480
  •  2 single beds on the 1st floor  next to the 2nd bathroom. width:469;;height:480
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